Monday, September 17, 2012

so much sickness.........

The last few weeks have been horrible.....Let the story begin around December of 2009. In December of 2009 we had a Christmas program at our church. Earlier that day we had pizza from pizza hut. The time I got to church I was extremely sick nauseated and felt like I was having a heart attack:( I just assumed it was a bad case of indigestion. Almost a year later, I had Taco Bell and the same thing happened, but I was pregnant this time. Then through out my pregnancy this kept happening and finally my midwife ordered an ultrasound and I found out I had gall stones. It happened several times after Lydia was born and through out my pregnancy with Leah, in fact it is what jump started my labor:) I really wanted to hang on to my gall bladder, but the last 2 weeks in August I had 3 attacks and on the 3rd attack I went to the ER. It stopped by the time I was seen but they did an ultrasound and compared it to the one I had over a year ago and decided to keep me over night and take the gallbladder out. I ended up having surgery on August 28th and had to stay a total of 2 nights in the hospital. It was no fun and I hated being away from my babies. I had all kinds of issues with Leah nursing and she was "mad" at me for a couple of days, but we worked through that. Then Lydia started getting sick a week ago and her temperature spiked to 103.7, and that terrified me. Friday Leah started getting sick. So today Lydia had a well check and the dr went ahead and saw both of them. Lydia has an ear infection and my sweet Leah has RSV. I hate my babies being sick so please keep them in your prayers:)
My sweet girls:)


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