Tuesday, November 27, 2007

God had his hand on us!!!!

I just want to share that last Friday the kids and I were own our way the the grocery store driving down the road and for some reason I looked down at the speedometer and as I looked up there was a car in front of us stopped. I came inches of hitting this car but swerved off the side of the road and made it around the car. As I drove by the place today, I do not see how we came out of that without being in an accident, but I do know God had his angels protecting us. The place where we swerved was nothing more than a foot of flat land and then a steep cliff. Thank you God for your protection and covering over my children and I.

Monday, November 26, 2007


The past few weeks have been so hard and this song is such a blessing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!

As everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, I hope you remember and are grateful for what you have. There is a family in my church who one year ago lost there 4 year old daughter to kidney failure. It was exactly one year today that I was hospitalized, because my fallopian tube busted and I was internally bleeding. I almost died on the table but God gave me another chance at last. Yesterday my cousin's son Nathaniel would have been 8 but he passed away unexpectedly on May 9, 2001 at the young age of 18 months. It was the worse day of mine and my families life. I got to watch that sweet boy enter the world. He was 8 weeks early and weighed 4 pounds and 9 ounces and was 16 inches long. He was doing so well but his immune system was weak and he got any kind of virus that went around. He seemed so healthy the few weeks before it happened in fact 2 weeks earlier at a family Easter gathering he was running around without having an asthma attack. But we know he is in heaven and probably playing with my 3 babies up there.
The good news though is Nathaniel's mommy(Felicia) found out she was pregnant yesterday. She has Austin(11) and after Nathaniel was born Her husband got a vasectomy. She got a divorce because her ex husband was physically and emotionally abusive. Now she is happily remarried to a very nice Christian man and treats her like a queen. I am so happy for her and I hope that things will work out.
On another note my dear sweet husband is helping me cook. We are doing 2 turkeys this year. He is the best. Today I cooked lentil soup which I got from Sara Snow. It was delicious and the kids loved it!!! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! (This is the Christmas picture from last year. I will post the new one once it is taken).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My sweet Hannah

My Hannah is 8 and she wants to be a gospel singer.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cleaning out clutter!!!

I have been so busy cleaning out clutter. My basement is horrific. There is so much stuff in this house it is ridiculous. We are having a yard sale tomorrow and I would love to get rid of 75% of our stuff. Some of you may think that is a lot but if you only seen how much we had, you would agree. Plus we need the extra cash for Christmas. Well I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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