Saturday, June 26, 2010

More sickness:(

Monday I started getting a headache:( I thought it was from being sick, but it just kept getting worse. By Tuesday it was severe. Same Wednesday, I could not even go to church. The Doctor called me in imitrex which is supposed to get rid of it, if it is a migraine. So I took 2 Thursday and it did not work:( Then I started to run a fever and my ear was hurting like I had an ear infection. So Friday I went to the doctor(which I do not do unless I am pregnant or it is severe). I had blood work ran and everything came back normal except my iron is low. I had blood in my ear from a busted blood vessel and he said the blood vessels in my eyes looked strained. So he recommended that I go for a vision visit. He adjusted my back and gave me a steroid shot. I have to go back for a physical in about a month. Today I went and had my eye exam, the eye pressure(in which the dr was worried about was normal), however I have astigmatism so I get to wear glasses:( Not all the time, just when I am on the computer, watching tv, driving, reading etc.. pretty much all the time. The good news is My headaches is pretty much gone. After being in the bed for a week, I feel so much better:)


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