Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rainy rainy day!!!

We got rain. That is great since Georgia is in such a drought. I started taking the pills tuesday and I do believe they are working. Even though I haven't started yet, I am getting all the sign cramps mood swings and everything else that goes along with that. Today I babysat for a friend. Her kids are the same age as mine. Kate is 4 and exactly one month older than Bryson and Drew is 2 and exactly one month older than Haley. The other weird thing is we always end up pregnant together. Last fall when I had the tubal pregnancy she was pregnant and carried the baby to I think 16 weeks and he died in utero. Then when I had a pregnancy in May(chemical pregnancy)
she got pregnant and it ended up with a late miscarriage at 12 weeks. She wants another baby too. We use the same doctor and she has some kind of disorder where she is lacking vitamin b6 and folic acid, Plus she can't ever take birth control because it can cause a blood clot, so she has to take aspirin everyday. Anyways her children are so sweet my kids just love playing with them. So when they're here it is like having 5 kids and I just love it. I hope God gives me at least 3 or 4 more.


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