Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu planning week 2

Monday: Breakfast- cereal with milk
Lunch- ramen noodles with bacon and onions sauted in it(my husband made it)
Dinner leftovers

Tuesday: Breakfast-scrambled eggs and toast
dinner- baked chicken, corn, green beans

Wednesday: Breakfast-pancakes
dinner- Salsa chicken and black bean soup in the crock pot

Thursday: breakfast-oatmeal
lunch-peanut butter and honey sandwhiches

Friday: Breakfast-cereal and milk
lunch- leftovers
dinner-family pizza night
Saturday and Sunday-we are going out of town

This will probably be the last week I am doing this(because my food is so low), I might make it one more week then I am going on a raw food(80%) diet, to jump start a weight loss program. I can' wait to do that post and share all the benefits I am learning as I do the research.


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