Thursday, January 8, 2009

First post of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I can't believe tomorrow will already be the 9th. I am still having sickness. I will be 12 weeks Monday. I went to the doctor last week and everything looked well my uterus is growing, but they couldn't get the baby's heartbeat. Right now they are not concerned because a) I was only 10 weeks and 1 day b) My uterus is tilted which makes it more difficult, and c) I have belly fat which makes it even more difficult. I go back the 28th, and I will be 14 weeks so they should hear it by then. A part of me wants to doubt, but I know that God gave me this baby and knows I can not handle another loss. Besides I prayed and asked God not to let me get pregnant and go through that again, so I know he will answer my prayer. Just keep me in your prayers, it has been really hard with all the stress and worry. I have been sick all day and have had a hard time just getting out of the bed. We started back school this week after a 3 week break, and that has been hard too. Hannah is fine, because she is very independent, but I have to sit down and do everything with Bryson. I am so behind on laundry. I have most of it washed, but we are digging out of baskets, even for towels. That is very embarrassing to admit but it is the truth. I know this too will pass and in the end it will be worth it ALL. I have no regrets. Blessings to everyone.


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