Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It has been an interesting year. We have had a lot of struggles. From sickness(H1n1 flu) to moving and we have not been on a good schedule. It will probably not be until June or July before we finish school. With that said, Hannah is doing well we use all Abeka 5th grade for her. I do not use the teacher curriculum, I just have the teacher edition for math and language, plus the test teacher keys. For Haley we are using the teacher on Dvd through Abeka(Which has been wonderful, because I also babysit a 3 year old and 1 year old, so it really helps). For Bryson we tried to use Abeka, but I felt like he has not catching on as quickly, so I have basically started over with him to fill in the holes. We are using Phonic Pathways to help with his reading. He reads pretty well but I just want to make sure he really gets it. For Math we are using Alpha Omega Horizons for 1st grade. For Reading we are using the Abeka Readers and we are also continuing using Abeka for Language.
We had already finished Abeka Science and History so we are now using Bob Jones( I got them at Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore, they sale used curriculum). They are older versions but we are really enjoying them. That is basically everything. Soon I am going to do a post on Gardening. We are having our first garden this year and can't wait to start our series on Gardening(after Easter). I hope everyone has a blessed day!!!


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