Monday, February 18, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Closet Clean-Up

Today at Crystal's blog we are to pick out a closet and unclutter it. I chose Haley's closet(I actually cleaned out Hannah and Bryson's last week) it is not as bad as it looks I just need to organize the clothes that has fallen on the floor and get rid of some of the clothes she has out grown. I will post the after pictures later this evening.


I got done a little bit earlier today. It really didn't take that long. First I pulled everything out and then I organized the clothes and got rid of outgrown and unwanted clothes. I put all the dresses together, then all the outfits together, and all the sweaters together. I put all the long sleeve cotton shirts in her drawer(to save room). I put all the board games in top of Bryson's closet and all her coats in his closet as well, because his is 3 times the size of hers. I still have a lot to do today. I have laundry from the weekend and my kithchen needs a good cleaning as well. I hope everyone has a blessed day.


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