Thursday, January 29, 2009

NEW pregnancy update.

I went to my appointment yesterday, and I am happy to say that we have an active little baby. Him/her heartbeat was 160 bpm. The midwife kept trying to count but my precious baby would not stay still. Satan tried to convince all month long that something was wrong and that is why they couldn't get the heartbeat, but I have faith in God and knew everything would be okay. You see after I had my last miscarriage in April 07, I prayed to God and said I would rather not ever get pregnant if I was going to have to go through anymore loss. I do believe that he listened, because he will only give you what you can handle. So I do know that everything is okay and Satan is a LIAR!!!! My next appointment will be March 3 and we will also have the sonogram/ultrasound that day. I will be 19 weeks and 1 day when we have that done. I know some people would rather wait, but I have to know and so does my husband. I am still have an occasional sickness but it is definitely better than it was. God Bless!!!!


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