Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have joined Crystal again for Frugal Friday. The best way I have saved money is buy selling one of our cars. I know what some of you may be thinking but just bare with me. When my husband got his promotion he was supposed to get a company car, well that has been 4 months and he still has not got a car. But before we knew that, we already sold his car. Sometimes it is hard not having a car to be free to go when and where I want but it has saved us so much money. With gas prices as high as they are, I just need to stay home. But not just the gas. Think about it, usually for just a standard oil change it is around $20. Minimum a year you will need is 4 once every 3 months but usually more(who doesn't use the miles up before the time). So that is around $80 a year. Next there is insurance, for us it is about $400 a year full coverage. Next is the tag, well say $80(more or less depending on the age and kind of vehicle). Then there is maintenance, that can average so I will just say $250 a year. Add all that up and that is $800 a year not to mention a car payment if you have that debt. So that is and extra $65 a month that could be put into savings. Now of course once my husband does get his company car we are not going to sell our van, but the good news is I have got accustomed to staying home, so hopefully I will not feel the need to go out as much. I know some families, for medical reasons or any other reason, has to have a second car, but I believe most families could make it on just one vehicle. Besides even if I wanted to get rid of my van, we couldn't because I am not allowed to drive his company car. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Fun on the Moon walk!!!

We bought this moonwalk 3 years ago for Hannah's birthday party. The kids love it so much. My husband usually goes out on the front porch and plays the guitar while they play.


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