Friday, January 23, 2009

Where to start?

I know it has been a while since I posted, but I have been so busy. At 12 weeks and 2 days the nausea has finally subsided. I do not have it everyday, and on the days I get it, it is not as bad. With that being said today has been the worst day since then. I have also had a lot of headaches lately. Sometimes I think I feel the baby move, like little bubbles, but it may just be gas, I am not sure it is still early. Monday I will be 14 weeks and I go to the doctor Thursday.
On another note my sweet baby girl turned 4 Monday January 19. We are having her birthday party tomorrow so Hopefully I will update with pictures. Below is the picture I used for her birthday invitations.

We have been so busy, with taxes and other things. We have had doctor appointments one after another this month. The children had to go to the Dentist to get cavities filled. Haley has severe eczema so bad that her back feels like scales, so she had to go to the dermatologist. He has her on two creams(one for the face, one for the body), steroid(just for 6 days to clear her up, because she is so itchy), and Clarine x for allergies to relieve her as well. Even with insurance it cost $110($20 copay doctor, $90 copay for medications). Then my dear husband had to go to the dentist to get 3 fillings and while he was there they suggested he have that wisdom tooth pulled on that side, "to save money". I do not think he realized what he did until after it was done. It took almost 24 hours before it stopped bleeding and then he had to take two vacation days. That cost $147. Plus $18 for his medication. So needless to say money is really tight around here. But that is okay because God always provides. Anyways I hope to update sooner. Blessings to ALL!!!


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