Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It is still raining!!!

Can you believe it is still raining? Well that is a good thing except for the fact when it rains I get tired. I don't know what it is about rain that makes me so sleepy. I could sleep all day if I was able to. Anyways, the kids and I went and ate Japanese today. It is about 30 minutes away but it is worth it. We all 4 ate under $20. Their chicken is $5.95 each. Hannah and I shared a plate and Bryson and Haley shared. We ordered water to drink, so with the tip is was $18. Anyone who loves Japanese knows that if you go during dinner time you can pay $17-$25 a plate, so we got a good deal. While we were in town we went to the Whole Foods store, where I picked up some organic produce that was on sale. I also got Bryson some vitamins to help him focus, plus some dha for all three of the kids. We had a great day, but tonight it will be lonely without my man here. Well I am going to catch up on laundry. By the way the picture of the bookshelf is of all our schoolbooks(except Hannah's her books are in her desk) and my cookbooks. I was in desperation for one and found one at a resale shop. We had schoolbooks everywhere. Our Reading books are in the basement and the shelf is double the size of this one. I love it so much. I am proud of it and thought I would show it off.


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