Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So much to do and pictures

First off I am so excited, I found my camera, so I will put some pictures of our new home up within the next week. I have still got tons of unpacking to do, but I am trying very hard to get it done before Saturday, because we are having a neighborhood garage sale. I have lots to get rid of, because when we packed we just basically through everything in boxes. I got rid of a some stuff when I was packing, but we still have way too much stuff.
Hopefully Hannah will be done with school by Friday. I know it has taken us longer, but we did not get her curriculum until the middle of October. As soon as she is done I am listing all the teacher's books and the books that are still usable on eBay. I have Bryson's listed on there now. The good news is that I already have their books for next year. I used the Kindergarten Kit from Christian Liberty Press for Bryson and for Hannah I used some Christian Liberty Press, but Abeka for Math, Science, and Language. I got a really good deal, because vision forum sent me a coupon code and plus I got an additional discount for the early Spring sale, So I end up spending around $200 for both. To me that is a good deal because last year, I tried to do the dvd program from Abeka and it was a waste of money. We didn't even use it but for a month. I ended up spending over $1000 just for Hannah.
Below are some pictures of the kids doing their school work before we moved. The one of Haley and Bryson praying is so cute. We always pray before we do school. There are some of Hannah with her birthday cake, but excuse the mess in the background, that was the day before we moved. Have a blessed day, Delilah


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