Thursday, January 10, 2008

cvs this week!!!

The first trip I made to Cvs as pictured above, I got $214.56 for $34.04 out of pocket and got back $35.00 in Ecbs. The second trip I got $122.45 for $2.90 out of pocket and got back $16.99 in Ecbs. I am finally catching on and it so fun. My husband is in amazement over all the good deals I am getting. I got make-up in the second trip it was marked down 75% off plus I had a coupon. I got it for grandma because it looked like her skin color, so I called her today to tell her and she said she was out and she had been praying for God to help her find a good deal. It is amazing how God always supplies our needs if we trust in him. I had no idea she needed make-up and that was the only color marked down in that particular brand and kind of make-up. I hope you get encouraged by this post. For all of you coupon shoppers that live near an Ingles next week they are tripling their coupons up to $.50.


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