Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super Saturday!!

There is a lot going on today. Bryson's last soccer game is at 10 followed by his banquet at the local Mexican restraunt. Then Hannah has got a birthday party to go to followed by a practice at church for children's choir, because tomorrow is homecoming at our church. Plus my mom is coming down from South Carolina, I haven't seen her since August since my sister's wedding. She is moving down here in December, She really needs prayer because she is going through a nasty divorce. On top of all that the house is a wreck so I have got a busy weekend ahead. I went to Kroger last night and got $220 worth of groceries for $125. They over charged me for bacon bits so I got them free. I love Kroger because of their scan right promise and plus they double coupons up to $.50. Thursday I bought Bryson a pirate book for Christmas. It was suppose to be 11.24 and it rung up for 14.99 so I got it free. Always look at your receipt most groceries stores and I think even wal-mart has that promise. I always get something free when I go grocery shopping.


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