Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Islam is the light doll"

So I was Wal-mart looking at the toys for Christmas. I come across this "cute" little mommy doll for $19.99. I called my sister to tell her it would be a cute present for Haley. She said "no", that doll is evil. It says "Islam is the Light", I about passed out when I went and played that doll. Wal-mart refuses to take it off the shelf because the manufacture has not recalled it. What is this world coming to? If that doll would have said "Jesus is the light" the wicked world would have recalled it immediately. I encourage everyone to call the Fisher Price and demand them to recall this item or refuse to buy anything else from them. We have got to stand up for Christ. The number is 1-800-524-8697 and the doll is "Little Mommy™ Real Loving Baby™ Cuddle & Coo™ Doll" Product#: M0847. Thank you so much. Here is a video of the doll


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