Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crazy Weekend so far!!

It has been one crazy weekend. Thursday I made dinner for Valentine's Day, and set the table for me and my honey. I set up a special table for the babies. I believe my son ate too much chocolate because around 9:30 he threw up all over the carpet and it would not come up. The house smelt awful, so Friday I went and rented a Rug doctor. Boy did that make a difference the house smells so much better. Since I spent $55.00 on the rug doctor and supplies I decided to clean my van out. It was way over due. It looks and smells much better as well. On the bright side, I made $450 on ebay this week selling all the kids clothes from last summer. The pictures are of the tables on
valentines day, Hannah dressed haley up and took those pictures of her and
Bryson, and the other picture is of me and my very spoiled nephew Ethan. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


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