Thursday, May 22, 2008

Frugal Friday~ Line drying clothes and Ebay

I always line dry all of our shirts and good clothes. First of all it saves on your power bill, but it also keeps your clothes looking newer and helps with shrinkage. I have a bar to hang them on in our laundry room, so even if you can't hang them outside, you could hang them up in your laundry room. My next tip is Ebay. I love to sell on ebay. If I am at a yard sale or thrift store I always look around to see if there is anything that I could make a profit off of it on ebay. For example one time I was at the salvation army and there was this cute Christmas outfit from a highend boutique. The outfit cost me $2.00 but it sold for $47.00. You must look over the items really well and make sure there are no stains or rips. For more tips make sure you visit Crystal's blog.

It has been a while!!!

It has been a while since I last posted. My husband moved into our new home May 2. I stayed that weekend and did a little unpacking. I came back the following weekend but didn't get much done because I had a nasty stomache virus. Those two weeks were really hard being away from my husband and having to stay at my grandma's house. We went home Friday and I did a little unpacking, but Sunday we went back to Georgia for the girl's dance recital. The last couple of days have been really hard for Hannah. She sits and cries and calls my grandmother constantly. I don't know how to deal with her emotions. She has a very strong bond with my grandmother. I told her once she finishes up third grade she can go stay a week. But everytime we leave, the crying starts all over again. My grandmother and Hannah both want us to drive down every week to go to church, but it is a 2 1/2 hour drive one way and with the gas prices like they are I don't see it in our budget. It takes $50 round trip and that is at $3.60 a gallon. If gas prices keep going up there is no way. My husband is making more money but the cost of living in Knoxville is more expensive than the small town we are from. I have put it God's hands and ask him to give both Hannah and my grandmother peace. Please everyone keep us in your prayers and as soon as I get everything in order here I will post pictures of our home. I really love this house and am thankful God has given it to us. Blessings, Delilah


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