Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven - Refresher Series

1) Refresh Your Spirit
I am starting a book 31 Days with God for Mothers,(Barbour publishing) that I will be going over every week on Making your home a haven series. This week's title is "Time for a break". "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28. We know as mother's it seems we never get enough rest, there is always something that has to get done. But that is not the rest this verse is talking about. The rest this scripture is talking about is what only Jesus can provide. If you rest in Jesus the means feeling secure in Him and allowing His peace to fill your soul. So even though or lives are always busy and wives and mothers, we can find rest in Jesus. Start being thankful for the Lord's promises and His everlasting love for you and allow His love to overwhelm you and... rest.(some are my interpretation but for copyright reasons Used with permission)

2)Do Your Morning Routine
-time with God
-get dressed
-make breakfast
-get the children fed and dressed
-clean the kitchen

3) Take Time to Plan
-unpack one box(I still have boxes of "junk" that needs to be unpacke

4) What's on the Menu for Dinner?
I plan on making beef stroganoff, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits.

5) Project of the Day
Main part of the house and Kitchen

This is the entry way, not that bad but it definitely needs to be mopped

Living room needs some tiding up(my coupons are all over the table, I need to organize them)

another living room view

Not too bad except last night pots and pans that I have to hand wash

another kitchen view

I need to eliminate refrigerator clutter like magnets

Breakfast area not too bad

I will update later with after pictures, makes sure to visit Crystal's blog for more Making your Home a Haven.


First update 12:08 my morning routine is done. All laundry is done except for folding and putting away the clothes. Kitchen is done. I am about to go fix lunch and then start dusting. I will show after pictures later on in the evening. Blessings


It is 4:53, and everything on my list is complete except going through that dreaded box. Here are the after pictures:

Much better

I got rid of some of that clutter

I even got rid of some of the magnets and wiped sown the refrigerator, hopefully some time this week I will detail the refrigerator inside and out.

Nice and clean dining area

The entry looks nice

The living room is complete

I thought this candle would be appropriate for the day it is called "Heavenly Home", and it smells wonderful. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day "Making their home a Haven" Blessings Delilah


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