Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have abandoned my blog:( So much has gone on I don't even know where to begin!! First of all we have moved:) I love our new home, it is very spacious and is closer to our family, church, and church family!! My kitchen aww, I just love it

here is a picture of the children cleaning it:) before we moved in!!

I will try to post more pictures soon:)

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our newest blessing Lydia

Christmas morning, they were soooo excited!!

Lydia is such a blessing!!

She makes us smile:D

We love her soooo much

mommy and lydia being silly

Haley Grace turned 7

and baby #5 is a GIRL!!! Leah Faith Nicole will be here sometime in June 2012!!

My pregnancy is going well and I am 23 weeks today! Thank you Lord for ALL your blessings.

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Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Lovely pictures and your new kitchen looks wonderful!! Lydia is adorable and congrats on another girl!! Love the name you have picked out for her too. :)

You have a beautiful family. :D


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