Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and lots of changes.

How was everyone's Christmas??? Ours was great. I hope to post some pictures really soon but I have still not unpacked,so I have lost my camera. we have been so busy. My goal for the new year is to blog more, because I do really enjoy it even though I don't have many viewers, I do enjoy the few people who do comment. Thanks:) Here are a few pictures from my phone of the new house we moved into. The first Saturday we were here December 5th it snowed(first for the year), and also some of our tree. We made sure when we moved to keep our Christmas items separate. I have lots of ideas for upcoming post including a new healthy eating style I plan on going on..... so Stay tuned... Everyone have a blessed day!!!

1 comment:

Mrs. Taft said...

Look how beautiful your tree is! Love it.


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