Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I took 3 more tests, and all of them had very faint lines. They are not evaporation lines because they show up in 3 minutes. My last cycle was Sep 15, but I do not believe I got pregnant 14 days after that. I know my body and this makes my 8th pregnancy, so pretty early I know the signs. My breasts have been really sore, and for the last 4 nights I have been getting up at least twice to go to the restroom(sorry if I am too graphic). I have also been feeling extremely tired. This all has been going on since early last week. I have waited so long for this, and do not mind any symptoms in fact I am enjoying them. I just pray I do not get hit with nausea. I will hopefully be going to the doctor in the next week or so. Please Keep me in your prayers.

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Kristin said...

My nausea is awful this pregnancy. I have days where I can't eat anything all day long. I am so thankful to have so many little helpers, otherwise, I wouldn't get much of anything done around here!



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