Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have wanted to sew ever since I was a little girl, but my mother didn't know how. For the past 2 years I have wanted a sewing machine, but didn't want to invest in something I didn't know how to do. So I prayed about it and asked God if he wanted me to learn, to give me the opportunity. We bought our house in May, and the lady who owned it asked me if I wanted a sewing machine. Of course, I did even if it wasn't the best I could give sewing a try. But the sewing machine she gave me is awesome. It can't be older than 5 years. It looks practically new, it is a Kenmore. Not only did she give me the sewing machine, but a huge bag of fabric and box of all kinds of needles, straight pins, buttons, zippers, etc. I have been so busy unpacking I kind of forgot about it. Friday night I started thinking about it and did some research about sewing. I have learned terms, how to thread it and all the basics. I have even made a few items. I have a lot to learn and I have to work on sewing straight lines, but I know with God's help I can do anything. I have sewn a pin cushion, it is okay but you can definitely see the flaws. Tonight I did a pillow case dress for Haley. I made the pillow case from scratch. By all means, it is not perfect but I think I am getting better. Haley was in the bed when I finished it, but I was so excited I woke her up to try it on. Here are the pictures:


Tanya :) said...

That looks great for a first try! Good for you! What a sweet testimony about answered prayers. I look forward to seeing more of your sewing projects. You are doing very well. :)

My mom taught me how to sew when I was about 12, at the time I was not so impressed with the idea, but am I ever glad I learned how to sew. I do lots now. :)

Happy sewing!

BarbaraLee said...

I love sewing. I have sewn a few skirts for myself being I can't find anything in the stores.

Mom2fur said...

I think you did a great job for a beginner! The little dress is almost as cute as Haley.
Keep at it and you'll improve with every try. It sounds like you have a nice machine. (I have a Kenmore myself.)
Straight lines aren't that hard to do. Your machine should have marks that indicate 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, etc. Most commercial patterns have 5/8 seams, but I was always taught to do 1/2 inch seams. You want to be sure to watch the edge of the fabric as it goes along the mark for the seam width. Don't watch the needle, it's moving too fast! And don't worry about going as slowly as you like. You aren't on Project Runway, trying to beat the clock, LOL!
There are many, many free sewing projects and patterns on line. One great source for tutorials is the blog called "Sew, Mama, Sew". Best of luck with your sewing. You'll find it one of the most rewarding hobbies you can do!
PS...just one last thing. It took me 30+ years to figure this is very important: always, always wash your fabric before you sew! If you don't, your garment will shrink and all your work will be for nothing.

Delilah said...

Thanks ladies for all your encouraging comments. I really appreciate it. I have been trying to sew, but for me it is a challenge. I have already taught Hannah everything I have learned, and she is already so good. I have posted a new blog about the new dress I made for Haley. Blessings to all.


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