Saturday, January 5, 2008

cvs this week!!!

~I got a $128.74 for $39.81 and I got back $17.00 ecb back
~I wish I had gotten the coupon for 15/100 but I only had 2 4/20 and 1 2/10 my store lets me stack these. I had a ton of coupons and $27.00 in ecbs.
~I am new at cvs so this is pretty good for only my second trip.


S.B. said...


Thanks for posting about your CVS experience. I love seeing what deals other people get!!

I posted some upcoming CVS deals on my site. They could help you if you are looking for deals that start on 1/6.

Jessica said...

Great deals! I just went today and got nearly $80 worth of items for $3.23. I heart CVS! :)


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